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This weekend, we have a 12-fight card at Sweden. It was a 13-fight card, but we only had Oezdemir/Latifi drop off, so be sure they are not on your lineups. DraftKings has some strong competitions for us to win a great deal of cash from this week. The most important GPP is a $15 buy and $25k belongs to 1st place with a total of 100k being paid out. They also have a new Qualifier only competition for $175,000. There will be 100 qualifiers for that competition and they will compete for a $50k first location price and that $175k will be distributed between all 100 admissions that qualify. I will try to receive my seat this week if at all possible. Those Qualifier only contests can be real bankroll suckers, so be careful chasing those too hard. I will probably stick to the very best GPP this week and then throw a small number of entries at the $25k prize, and then I will take a few shots in the Q. I will also be publishing H2Hs as well as picking up H2Hs throughout the week to receive a good amount of play into money games.
With that said, let us get to a couple plays I like this week Together with my fade of the week:
Cash Game play of the week — Alexander Gustafsson — $9,300
Gus is my confident pick of the card this week and he is also the largest betting favored on the card. I think we could stack this main event in cash games and utilize both Gus and Anthony Smith, but I am not positive whether I’ll do that or not. I will for sure have Gustafsson within my cash lineup however and he’s who I will be starting that lineup with. With 5-rounds to work with I believe he has the maximum ceiling about the card and that I believe he gets a complete in this fight. Possibly with multiple takedowns. He will be exceedingly well known in GPPs so in the event that you want to get away from him I think the tournaments are the areas for that. I will be locking him into my cash lineup though .
GPP play of the week — Tonya Evinger — $8,600
On DraftKings, I enjoy Evinger in her struggle and that I have zero interest in Lansberg. Evinger’s greatest path to success is penalizing Lansberg on the floor and that scores tremendously if she can accomplish that. I also believe she could find a finish. I believe she’s in play in all formats and I really do think she has 100+ upside here and that is why she’s my GPP drama of this week. There are not a lot of UFC matchups I would say that for using Evinger at this point in her career, but this one looks perfect for her. I think she dominates this battle and finishes it with floor in pound in round 1 or 2. If that’s true, she must score well and win a person $25k.
Underdog drama of the week — Devin Clark — $7,500
I feel forced to play Devin Clark this week since he’s only $7.5k however he’s the current betting favorite. I love that kind of worth on DraftKings and that’s what’s forcing me to roster him. We have to include”underdogs” in our DK lineups and when we could get a favorite, or possibly a roster with 6 favorites, then which helps our odds of hitting all 6 conflicts and taking down a GPP. Clark should be hot this week also because of this value, therefore I think he is in play as a money game cube and if you want, but in GPPs you will need to have him in more than 33% of your lineups to get any leverage over the area.
Fade of the week — Duda Santana $8,600
Duda Santana is a simple fade for me . She is $8.6k however she’s the underdog on the gambling line. She’s also +365 to acquire ITD. If I’m paying that price on DK I need higher completing upside or somebody who’ll be going for a great deal of takedowns. I really don’t see her having much of a ceiling inside this fight even though she does win so that I don’t see her being on the 25k lineup. That’s the reason I will be full fading Santana this week. If I had been making 150 lineups afterward I would add her in the mix, but I’d need 50 lineups before I even considered using her.
Thank you for reading this and decent luck this weekend! If you would like my own full-card breakdown at which I breakdown every struggle about the card and give my full DraftKings evaluation, as well as all of my pick predictions, you’ll find that for just $7.99 at this link below:
(Premium bets are available at that link too. I’m 79-48 for +256.49u (+$25,649) since May 19th, 2018 on Premium Plays)

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