Ryan Kent says he was lied to over his future before sealing his £7.5m move to Rangers - 인천 그리다 스튜디오
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Ryan Kent says he was lied to over his future before sealing his £7.5m move to Rangers

Ryan Kent says he was lied to over his future before sealing his £7.5m move to Rangers

Ryan Kent claims before being allowed to move to Rangers, he had been lied to this summer.
The 22-year-old rejoined on the last evening of the transfer window at a deal understood to be worth around #7.5m.
Rangers had previously failed to persuade Liverpool to sanction a second season-long loan following the winger made a significant impression at Ibrox final term.
After his global team-mates returned in an elongated break, kent featured in pre-season for Liverpool but found himself in limbo.
He admitted it was a period before the movement was resurrected by Rangers.
“It was really demanding,” he explained. “I had to stay mentally strong, once you are educated you can do something and then you are lied to and it does not happen, that’s rather tough to take.
“I only had to keep myself healthy and instruct on my own and make sure I maintain my fitness levels up and I had been waiting for a second like that to arrive.
“There is no bitter flavor, the thing which I needed from the beginning happened in the end so that I am simply pleased with that.
“I would have liked to have been here from the start, it’s fairly difficult watching it on the TV wanting I was part of some of the games however I am delighted to be back and I can’t wait to get going.
“There were some slight concerns across the way once I thought this may not happen and I might need to plan for some thing else, but I’d had a feeling that it may visit the last day of this window and that is what happened.”
Kent came through the academy of Liverpool and also had loan spells at Coventry Freiburg, Barnsley, City and Bristol Rovers but he says Rangers is the very first club where he has felt at home.
“I’m in a privileged place in life to be playing soccer, it’s every child’s fantasy,” Kent said. “And I think it’s naive not to enjoy that position in life. I am blessed to be in this place in life.
“For once in my entire life to be feeling in your home someplace, to be really enjoying my football, I want that atmosphere for the rest of my career. Once I arrived here I felt for the very first time.
“The manager believes in me along with the training staff. Mick Beale needed me and he made the best out of me and I truly begun to prosper as a kid and the fans get the best out of you.
“So only every thing as a collective at this club I think gets the very best out of my soccer.”

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