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The Blueprint: How to Bet on the New York Rangers

The Blueprint: How to Bet on the New York Rangers

With about 20 games remaining in the regular season for NHL teams, there is lots of chances for puck bettors to money in earlier playoff time. When analyzing a few specific gaming situations, 1 team that stands out as a serious moneymaker is the New York Rangers. Together with six straight playoff appearances under their belts, the Rangers appear poised to finish the regular season strong and make another playoff push, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the situations below.
Here is the Blueprint for how to bet the New York Rangers:
Oddsmakers pay an underdog
The Rangers have been an underdog 14 times so far this year, but they have proven oddsmakers incorrect, posting an extremely lucrative 11-3 record in those matches. Had you bet $100 on these every time they’ve been an underdog, you would have turned into a gain of $1035.
The Rangers have some huge games remaining on their schedule vs very good teams this year such as road games against the Wild, Sharks and Capitals where they will likely close within an underdog. Check them out in this spot and if they are healthy, you know what to do.
Perform the puckline on the Street At 21-8 out of New York, the Rangers are the NHL’s best road team — you would be up $1273 had you bet $100 on each of their road games. This has translated into a 20-9 puckline listing on the road, which makes them among the league’s top road puckline bets. The key to their success outside of New York is not much of a secret at all as they rank third in the NHL in goals scored on the road, while they’ve allowed the fewest goals in the league in road games.
Catch them outside in the 2nd match of back-to-backs The Rangers are 8-2 in the second game of back-to-backs this year, how’bout dat? Yes, I am somewhat late to the party with this reference, but hear me out. Usually, when a team is on the second half of a yearlong it’s viewed as a red flag, but that’s not true for the Blueshirts. Conveniently enough, the Rangers have five back-to-back scenarios remaining on their schedule, so when the sportsbook is waving that red flag providing their worth a boost, jump all over them.
When shedding, Search for In-Game Value Given the fact that they’ve entered 77% of their matches this year as a popular, you have to take value with this team as soon as you are able to find it. We know to wager them as an underdog, but another spot to be on the lookout for is when they’re losing early in games since they’re one of only two teams in the league with a winning record when their opponent scores first and when they’re down after one period — another group is the Penguins. Thus, be sure that you’re scoreboard watching early in Rangers games. If you see down them and may get them plus money, take whole advantage based on their demonstrated ability to get back to games.

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